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Our music program offers excellent training for students three years and over who would like to study music either professionally or for the pure joy of performing. Students receive training in sight reading, technique, ear training, rhythm, theory and music appreciation. Jazz music is introduced so students are given both classical and jazz styles. The classes are private and semi private. Private coaching is available for auditions. Qualified students perform at our recitals, concerts and showcases.

Our dance classes are designed to develop body alignment, physical consciousness, creative expression and coordination through movement and music. Classes are kept small so that each student may receive personal and individualized attention. Classes progress according to the ability and age of each student.
Our dance studio is fully equipped with mirrors, portable bars, and wooden floors. Classes are offered in the following styles for ages three and over:
Ballet - Tap - Creative
Ballet/Modern African Modern
Jazz Caribbean Swing

The drama program focuses on the development of self esteem, confidence and freedom of expression through the combined training of body, mind and instinct. Acting technique, dance, speech, theatre games and music are used to achieve high levels of creativity. All actors are introduced to world history and culture. Students have the opportunity to join the Conscious Ones acting company. Outstanding students are submitted to agents. Coaching is available for auditions.

The Conscious Ones, is a professional acting company that performs at schools, regional theatres and off-Broadway. Some of the members have appeared on Broadway, in movies and television.

The voice program incorporates breathing exercises, relaxation of the tongue and jaw, speech technique, interpretation, acting and musical theatre. Students are introduced to various styles of music and perform at our recitals and showcases. Coaching is available for auditions.

Students study a combination of karate styles and techniques to achieve focus, concentration and discipline. Classes are taught by highly skilled and trained professional. After three sessions of karate, students may compete in tournaments and perform demonstrations at our showcases. All classes are divided into three ten-week sessions to complete one year of training.

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Thank you for completing our registration. Please schedule your interview to speak  with Lola at http://calendly.com/capas. Once done, you can pay the registration fee on our website.  Click on the "Registration" tab under "Classes". After you schedule an appointment, the link will also be in your confirmation email.

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